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[Group Buy] Moonphase 60 (Case Only) GB is over.

This is a group buy pre-order, item is not yet in stock. You will be charged for this item upon checkout. There are no refunds or cancellations on pre-sale orders.  

Manufacturing will start after the group buy period ends and MOQ is reached. Group Buy product will be produced and shipped after a certain period, that is, the product will not be shipped immediately after payment.

  • Fulfillment estimates can fluctuate due to the nature of manufacturing and is subject to change. Current estimate is late Q2 or early Q3 of 2023.
  • The colors shown in renderings are a close representation of what the final product is expected to look like. There are many factors ranging from the paint chemistry to the device or monitor you are viewing from that may result in slight variation from the renderings to the final product.
  • MOQ: 50 Units. Products will be manufactured only if we reach the MOQ. If not the pre-order purchase price will be refunded. 
  • Estimated fulfillment time late Q2 or early Q3 of 2023, if fully sold out.
  • We don't foresee it but there may be delays due to the nature of group buys. 

Group Buy period ends on December 31st 2022 or when we reach minimum order quantity.



Important Specs

- 60% o-ring gasket mounted keyboard case replacement

- CNC machined 6063 aluminum

- Case only

- 8 pole o-ring mount

- 6 degree typing angle

- 1.2 kg weight unbuilt

- Professional 2K Acrylic Paint (Car Paint), cured under 110°C

- Dark (Gray) texture topcoat 7190 Color (Textured)

- Harvest (Yellow) RAL 2007 Color (Polished)

- Ships with custom thick rubber feet


- Keyboard Case

- Rubber Feet

This product is sold as case only without PCBs, plates, switches, keycaps or USB cables etc.

Important notes about QC standards

As this product is painted with 2k Acrylic car paint, every consideration that is applicable to such paint will also be applicable to this product. 

 * Starred photographs are edited to reflect the latest revisions as shown in the renders. Renders reflects the latest version. 

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Group Buy Policy


Rationalkeys strives to be one of the most sought after keyboard brands in the world. We promised to ourselves that we will achieve this by creating timeless designs and most importantly manufacturing these designs within the declared production and delivery dates. We set our minds to fulfill our promises by creating a great supply chain, acquiring tooling and establishing set production timelines with our manufacturers. We understand everyone wants what they pay for within the timeframe they were promised. We will work diligently to meet our goals.

Some unforeseen factors might reduce or extend the forecasted delivery dates. We will communicate all updates from start of production to shipping the product to you through our Discord channel.