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Moonphase 60

Moonphase 60

60% Keyboard Case by Rationalkeys

An aftermarket case for popular O-ring mount keyboards


1. Introduction
2. At a glance
3. Manufacturing/Price
4. Current Roadmap
5. Raw Aluminum? X
6. Specifications
7. IC Form
8. Follow us

1. Introduction

Moonphase is an aftermarket case for popular O-ring mount keyboards. Moonphase will be compatible with PCBs supporting symmetrical 8 pole cases such as TGR-Unikorn PCB v1.3 and CK Bakeneko60 PCB.

2. At a glance

Here are the basic specs:

60% o-ring gasket mounted keyboard case replacement

• CNC machined 6063 aluminum.
• Case only
• 8 pole o ring mount

• 6 degree typing angle

• 1.2 kg weight unbuilt
• Professional 2K Acrylic Paint (Same with Car Paint), cured under 110°C
• Dark (Gray) texture topcoat 7190 Color
• Harvest (Yellow) RAL 2007 Color
• Ships with custom thick rubber feet.
• Price $330 USD plus shipping.

3. Manufacturing/Price

3rd and final Prototype is complete and ready for production. Below are some pictures of the finished prototype with both color options. Moonphase will be released in 2 colors.
Dark (Gray) texture topcoat 7190, Harvest (Yellow) RAL 2007
Although the details are yet to be confirmed, we are planning to run a group buy of 50 units FCFS. (Reduced from 300 to 50 units)
Price is $330 USD plus shipping.

4. Current roadmap

Group-buy is starting on 20th of November 2022 and will run for 3 weeks. We will start production right after the GB stage is complete. We are planning to begin shipment in Q1 2023.
Update: Group Buy will start on December 3rd. We are planning to begin shipment in Q2 or Q3 2023.

5. Raw Aluminum?

We talked about a raw aluminum version of the keyboard case after seeing the quality work we received from our manufacturer. Will leave a picture here. Let us know if you would like to see more. If not Maximo enjoys it all the same.
Update: We decided not to include raw aluminum in this run.

6. Specifications

Dimensions: 315.7 x 130.92  x  35.13 mm
Weight: ≈1.2 kg (just case)
Price: $330 USD

7. IC Form

IC Form

8. Follow us

Please join our Discord and follow our Instagram for updates and to reach out to us with any comments or questions. We want to hear from you!

Discord: https://discord.gg/6Er3Zbrj
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rationalkeys/
Website: https://rationalkeys.com

Thanks Elaine from Singa for allowing us to use the pole positions for this project.